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Unitychan Quest (P)


From time of time, began to monster appears in the world.When defeat this monster mysterious magic crystal stone enters the hand.People have the magic stone crystals will be referred to as "crysta".The Christa mysterious power is conceived, as various Mage energy sourceIs utilized to people, initially, in the world had been circulated as currency.
Eventually, in order to realize a large-scale energy management Mage,Kingdom, Imperial, Empire takes place, in between these nations,To recover the Christa I began to issue a gold as currency.
In the part of the village of undeveloped of civilization,There still some places to the Christa and currency, but the people of the worldBasic gold is in circulation.
Or I and currency has been isolated Krista and human economies,That there is a super-Mage civilized country.
Although there is conflict between some of the nation in the world, and had been kept in peace.However, since the mysterious organization is to amplify the Christa,Can be mass-produced the monster, you are contemplates the revival of "devil"And ... began to is whispered rumors
To unrelated peaceful village and conspiracy of such world,Suddenly one day, Nusshi of legend appeared.
Chance, I had spent a vacation in this village,Unity-chan, the mystery of Nusshi with query-chan buddyIt was to leave for the investigation to travel.
Open β(?) top-secret project. This is the unity-chan MMO.
I was wondering to try to make a MMO in Unity in finally Gachi,We publish a proto for promotion.
The direction I think that it becomes Respect work of Master Of Epic.Im a man of heavily RPG system, is the person who has received a considerable effect on the D&D and Record of Lodoss War.
So, you might inadvertently become Skyrim or Dark Soul.
Although it is MMO has long been in decline, if the operation system in the smartphone has been established,We contemplates whether not come the day to be resurrected again.
Those who cooperate, cloud Founding, by all means, happily
#Operation#*(ON/OFF) will ON / OFF for each depression.
[LOWER PLACEMENT BUTTON]ATK1 ... Attack1ATK2 ... Attack2ATK3 ... Attack3PARRY ... ParryKICK ... Kick / Drop Kick(Dash)JUMP ... JumpDASH ... Dash (ON/OFF)ACTION ... Action (So-called A Button)
[JOY STICK]MOVE ... MoveCAMERA ... Camera
ver9.01) Unity5 Build.2) It has a screen in vertical.3) Added the "[area (Free)] Dungeon Of Goblin".*When you enter the dungeon, a significant probability, it will crash.*Because it is auto-save, if you start again, so enter you have, your pardon.
ver9.31) Super Osprey populated.2) [Lobi] a recording function, implemented.*Recording function, there is also a non-compatible models.*Please refer to the Lobis site.
ver9.51) Implementation of Level up.2) Implementation of parameter config.3) Added a Item "Experience 1000 (surcharge)".4) Added a Item "Crysta 1000 (surcharge)".5) Implementation of Jump SHORYUKEN.6) Implementation of Spining Drop Kick7) Implementation of Summon Magic "Ami Platinum".8) Implementation of Summon Magic "Pero of Cat".9) Implementation of Summon Magic "Shiro of Dog".*When you kick in the dash, you can drop kick.*Summon magic is valid until the area move.
ver10.01) Unity Technologiess "The Black Smith" Volund calling on.2) Add the "[New World] Ulfdalar".3) Implementation of new UI.4) Implementation of "Magic of Teleport".5) Implementation of Kitchen.6) Add a function "Auto Battle".7) Add a "World Map".
ver10.21) Megalodon Calling on.2) Add the Magic Sword, "The Shark Slayer".3) Implementation of The Black Smith.4) Implementation of Quest System.5) Implementation of Shop System.6) Adjust the placement of the UI.7) Correspondence of Root Motion.